The Act

Brent will meet with you and customize the show!  

Brent's act is very funny, but who needs to hear something they may or may not relate too?!  I can meet with you and people in your organization to create "inside jokes" appropriate to you presentation.  

I can even arrange for other comedians to join me for a SHOWCASE of entertainment for your event! 

For example.  At an engineering gig.  An engineer explained "NTS" means not to scale.  

So, I made a joke about meeting an online date after work for a drink and she was definitely NTS!  

Other acronyms are fun.  So FYI I always try to CYA to ensure I don't FUBAR!  and so on....  It's a GREAT TIME!

For booking Comedy:

email or just call me 303-725-9995

See you soon! 

For anything else please contact my agent for Broadcast media or 303-591-1199

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