Brent Podosek's likable personality and Barney Rubble looks set audiences at ease. Brent's observational comedy combines life in the suburbs with vivid flashbacks to the past.  Brent finds his likable anger from everyday life, driving, and even costco.

National TV Credit:

I am a Mystery Diner on Food Network.


If you still watch commercials you've seen Brent on local TV for the Air Force Academy and CBS 4's Health One Campaign in Denver.  Brent works with many film makers in Denver's buzzing indie film scene.  

University of Utah
BS Broadcast Journalism

      Theatre Minor

Phi Delta Theta Fraternity

15 Years of Sales and Training Comedy bits.....for the Corporate gig

From Dot BOMB to your Massive Corporate Machine: My insights into your sales process will not only crack you up, but drive home your presentation! People are at the peak of their attention after they laugh. 

Stand Up Comic / Host

I got on stage

Deacon Gray-Comedy Works New Talent Coordinator's Hosting Class


Theatre and Film Trained

University of Utah

Frank Gerrish

Sandra Shotwell


Patrick Sheridan

Benjy Dobrin

Improv Comedy

Bovine Metropolis Theatre

Eric Farone

Voodoo Comedy Playhouse

Justin Franzen, Steve Wilder

BrainFreeze Comedy

Tony Beckham - Kevin Van Hyning


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samples of my act:

Comedian.  Actor.  Voice Over.  Events

Acting Reel

Club Reference:

Voodoo Comedy Playhouse 

Steve Wilder, Owner.